You can find our diverse menu here. All recipes are prepared using the highest quality fresh products. Enjoy your dinner in our stylish restaurant in Mallorca.

Eating in Santa Ponsa means eating with heart and soul. The beautiful ambience and the fabulous service complete your dinner.

Cover: Frisch gebackenes Brot
2,50 €

Freshly baked bread with anchovy spread, mallorquin olives and herb cream cheese

Mallorquinischer Paradeiser-Salat
8,50 €

Various sorts of tomatoes with red onion, basil and white balsamic vinaigrette

13,50 €

Fresh steamed asparagus with poached egg, crispy potato cubes and lemon peel puree

Steirische Käferbohnen mit frischem Schafskäse
12,50 €

Runner beans salad with apple balsamico vinegar, fresh radish and sheep cheese

13,50 €

Sous Vide cooked beef with pumpkin seed oil, fresh horseradish, aged sherry vinegar, root vegetables and miso brew

Hausgebeizter schottischer „Label Rouge“ Lachs
14,50 €

Homemade graved salmon with mango-orange-sauce, yogurt cream and fresh lime fennel salad

Gemischter Marktsalat „Austrian Style“
8,50 €

Fresh lettuce with different vegetables, grated Parmesan and homemade dressing

Erdäpfel-Ravioli mit Ochsenschwanz
14,50 €

Homemade potato ravioli with braised oxtail, sauteed mushrooms served with porcino sauce

6,50 €

Beef consommé with semolina dumplings

6,50 €

Beef consommé with sliced pancakes

7,00 €

Foam soup from fresh asparagus

Eierschwammerl (Pfifferling)-Cremesuppe mit geschlagenem Obers
7,00 €

Chanterelle cream soup with whipped creams

Wiener Schnitzel vom Kalb oder Huhn
Kalb / Veal 26,50 €
Huhn / Chicken 19,50 €

Escalope from veal or chicken pan-fried in clarified butter, homemade potato salad or parsley potatoes, lemon and lingonberries

Original pikantes Wiener Rindergulasch
19,50 €

Beef goulash from shank with bread dumpling

Wiener Tafelspitz
24,50 €

Boiled cap of rump served with roasted potatoes, creamy spinach and traditional sauces (apple horseradish and chive sauce)

23,50 €

Beef roulade braised in red wine sauce with fresh vegetables and mashed potatoes

„Label Rouge Backhendl-Salat
17,50 €

Fried chicken drumstick on leaf lettuce and vegetables marinated with balsamic vinegar

Kärntner Kasnudeln
14,50 €

Round steamed dumplings, traditional filled with curd-potatoe, leek, herbs, mint and melted butter served with a green salad

Entrecôte Deluxe 200g
33,00 €

Fresh bacon beans with pink roasted prime rib with herb mustard and creamy potatoes

18,50 €

Mussels with white wine-herbs-garlic-broth with oven-fresh baguette and rouille sauce 

26,50 €

Roasted fillet of sea bass with bacon-vinegar-lentils or mashed potatoes with olives and fresh vegetables

Spaghetti con aglio, olio e peperoncino
12,50 €

Spaghetti cooked al dente with garlic, olive oil, chili, rocket salad, tomatoes and freshly shaved parmesan

Optionally with prawns: 18,50 €

22,50 €

Filled potato gnocchi in a light white truffles oil cream sauce

16,50 €

Risotto from smoked paprika, with different mushrooms, 13 years matured balsamic vinegar and manchego

Optionally with Grander cottage ham: 19,50 €

Tagliolini mit frischen Eierschwammerl (Pfifferlingen)
15,50 €

Al dente cooked tagliolini in chanterelle cream sauce with fried chanterelles and freshly shaved Parmesan

Optionally with Tyrolean Bacon: 18,50 €

Wiener Schnitzel
13,50 €

Small escalope from veal with french fries and lemon

Spaghetti mit Tomatensauce
7,50 €

Spaghetti cooked al dente with homemade tomato sauce and parmesan

12,50 €

Fried fish fillet with vegetables and mashed potatoes

Dunkle Schokoladen-Schnitte
9,50 €

Dark chocolate cream, vanilla cream on crunchy bottom and homemade peach sorbet

Schwarzwälder Kirsch
9,50 €

Mascarpone-curd-cream, cherry gel, cherry compote on chocolate with cherry ice-cream

8,50 €

Pancakes with apricot jam, butter crumbles and homemade vanilla ice cream

8,50 €

with homemade vanilla ice cream and vanilla foam

11,50 €

Homemade Kaiserschmarrn with applesauce and lingonberries (waiting time 20 minutes)

Homemade ice cream (different flavours)
per scoop 2,60 € 
  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Tahitian vanilla
  • Tanzanian chocolate 75 %
  • White caramelized chocolate

per scoop 2,60 € 
  • Sorbet of the Mallorquin lemon
  • Apricot sorbet
  • Strawberry sorbet

with vodka   8,50 €